A day in the life of a child - a day at home

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An interactive educational story for children suitable for the early education stage, made of cardboard. It contains striking colors, attractive graphics, and simple encouraging texts that are easy to memorize about life at home. It suits the child's need and motivates him to read before entering school.

How do you encourage your child to express the events of his day at home? How did you direct him to take care of his house and keep it clean? And how to develop in him the spirit of cooperation and participation in performing the necessary household chores? This story deals with the time that children usually spend in their homes, and the things they do themselves, such as brushing their teeth, arranging their things inside the closet, cleaning the windows of the house, and playing. With which we brush our teeth and the windows and floor of the house, in order to attract the child to reading and browsing the story with enjoyment, while enhancing his self-confidence and relying on it to accomplish the most basic household activities.

It is one of the stories of the A Day in the Life of a Child series, which are educational interactive stories targeting children to obtain an early education.”

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