A day in the life of a child - a day in the park

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An interactive educational story for children suitable for the early education stage, made of cardboard. It contains striking colors, attractive graphics, and simple encouraging and easy-to-memorize texts about the public garden. It suits the child's need and motivates him to read before entering school.

How do you encourage your child to express the fun times he spends with his friends in the garden? How will you introduce him to the games he will play there? And how to enhance in himself the feeling of the beauty of nature? This story deals with the fun recreational day that children spend in the public garden, and the games and activities that they practice with each other, such as jumping, swinging, skating, and watching fun shows. in the air, and ducks as if floating, in order to attract the child to reading, browsing the story with enjoyment, and drawing his attention to this interesting world, while enhancing his spirit of discovery.

It is one of the stories of the A Day in the Life of a Child series, which are educational interactive stories targeting children to obtain an early education.”

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